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Services, consulting, commercial representation for customers based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Portuguese for Brazil and Portugal, Spanish for the rest of Latin America and Spain, English for all other countries)

Since we represent only non-Brazilian companies in Brazil, we have our own site for our sales and marketing department, which  addresses to interested parties and customers in Latin America in Portuguese as well as in Spanish shortly

Managing partners

Services such as market studies, location studies, risk studies and feasibility studies, business partner brokerage, recruitment, founding and founding, acquisition and shareholding, commercial representation, licenses and technology transfer, consulting for Latin America, operational management, development, distribution, administration, logistics and production support , improvement programmes, representation of foreign owners of Brazilian companies as procurator "will be offered in Brazil by EUROLATINA Ltda. Latin America in cooperation with local partner offices and in Germany from our project partners listed here:


Titze GmbH

Auf den Stöcken 16

41472 Neuss

Tel +49-2182-871-200

Fax +49-2182-871-2022

Harald Sterzinger Unternehmensberatung

Amselweg 18

71116 Gärtringen

Tel. +49-7034-992-005

Fax +49-7034-992-004

Kontaktwerk GmbH

Am Oberen Berg 3

70597 Stuttgart

Tel. +49-711-516-0264

Fax +49-711-5853-4594

The companies INP do Brasil Ltda. and AMS-NipponRika do Brasil Ltda. are subsidiaries of EUROLATINA and help us to understand our customers better and better since we face identical problems in Brazil.

INP do Brasil is a joint venture with engineering company INP Deutschland GmbH, a global company providing highly specialized services in the electrical sector.

AMS Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG and NipponRika Industries Corporation are shareholders of AMS-NipponRika do Brasil. These long-established companies build machinery and equipment for the forming, insulation and impregnation of electric coils for motors, generators and transformers. NipponRika also produces the mica tapes for insulating the coils.


Av. Paschoal da Rocha Falcão, 367

BR 04785-000 São Paulo – SP




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