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The new president has been elected. Jaír Messias Bolsonaro has won the election by a large majority, and despite massive hostility from national and international media and leftist institutions and individuals, he has managed to put together a government team characterized by expertise and leadership, not membership of a party or other interest group. The first positive effects are already evident, companies such as GERDAU and NOVELIS have already announced high investments.

Who you are?

You are responsible for the Brazilian business of your company, either as managing partner, managing director, division or branch manager, or as sales or export manager.

You already work in Brazil and want to expand, reorganize or improve your business there.

Or you may want to withdraw from Brazil for good reasons and you want to do so without causing problems for yourself or your customers.

Maybe you would like or have to go to Brazil and are looking for opportunities to enter the market, for which there are many possibilities, from sales representative, company acquisition or formation of a company to local manufacturing.


EUROLATINA is not operated by consultants but by entrepreneurs. This stands for the highest possible practical relevance. Our clients do not want theories, but quick, tangible and sustainable results.


In 2019, EUROLATINA will celebrate its 25th day of foundation. The company was initially a sheer consulting firm, founded by Karlheinz K. Naumann, the former managing partner of a subsidiary of an international management consultancy in São Paulo, headquartered in Germany.

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